Balloon Décor

The Wonder of Balloons

The purpose of beautiful balloon decorations is to create addional atmosphere for your guest to enjoy and give them the wow factor as they walk into the venue. Balloons are impressive because they can create both drematic and high visual impact with colour, movement and excitment that is visible when your guests enter, are seated, walking around or dancing. Stunning balloons will transform your venue.

Balloonique have gone through the NABAS training programs to insure they are fully qualified to carry out your decorations, you can rest assured your decorations will be carried with the best quality products to the very highest standards.

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Gumballs are great for big yet elegant impact, gumballs can be placed at either end of the top table, next to the cake table or at the entrance to your venue.





Extra Large Gumballs

Extra Large Gumballs are 3ft wide and dressed with colour co-ordinating ribbon and organza.







We offer a String of pearls arch linked with organza which is great for over the top table, cake table and room entrances.

We also offer sprialing arches which are great for large rooms and outside decor, which can also include twinkling lights to add to the effect.




Cloud Nine Arrangements


Cloud nines are great for floating over the top table to create high visual impact over the head table.

Cloud nines can be tailored to match other decor by having gumball or double bubble tops.




Balloon Explosion


A balloon explsion is a 3ft balloon attached to the ceiling full of 100 small balloons and lots of flutter fetti which is popped at the touch of a button for your first dance the effect is spectacular.





Latex Balloon Arrangements

Latex balloon arrangements can come in different sizes, heighs and formations.